The DCM 12-D UPS is an uninterruptable DC power supply intended for Wi-Fi Radios.

The system features internal lightweight, high power density rechargeable LiFePO4 batteries with integrated chargers, 1 Gb/s LAN and Full Phantom POE port and a dedicated 10 Mb/s SNMP port to report all internal parameters, RGB backlight LCD display for easy on-site readings and warnings of internal battery voltages and mains status etc.

The DCM 12-D UPS is connected to mains power to charge the internal batteries and supply the connected radio with POE power even in the event of a power failure.

Specification Highlights

      • Colour changing LCD Display readout
      • SNMP enabled via dedicated M12 D-coded interface
      • Low weight for easy installation (<10kg)
      • 2x 13V, 8Ah LiFePO4 battery technology
      • Metal enclosure with HDPE protectors
      • Min. 4 hours standby time – see reference table
      • Estimated 4 Hour’s recharge time
      • Manageable and configured via the Web interface

Use Cases or Applications

Specifically designed for Rajant critical communication radios in areas where unreliable power can negatively impact operations and safety systems

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