InfiNet’s innovative product developments are driven 100% by the needs of its customers and are designed to deliver real solutions within a wireless industry that all too often hides behind conformity and hype with the result that customers are left waiting far too long. Infinet’s customers are actively deploying and using the very latest innovative products with the confidence that they will also seamlessly integrate with tomorrow’s solutions.

Infinet’s Technology Differentiators

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Infinet’s world class RF scientists, sourced from both the military and aerospace industries, have over 20 years of experience in creating industry-leading technological solutions combining the very best elements of WiMAX, WiFi, Mesh and proprietary technologies.

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Over 60,000 InfiNet Wireless devices have withstood the most challenging environmental conditions across five continents and are still in operation after 15 years of continuous use. It is not without substance, therefore, that InfiNet can claim that it makes the most robust systems in the marketplace.

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High-capacity 300Mbps speeds and ranges of up to 70 kilometres enables InfiNet to create industry-leading wireless infrastructures for fully-fledged triple-play support in metropolitan and regional networks which require the highest Quality of Service (QoS) and performance combinations.

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Topology-agnostic, multiple-frequency, universal wireless platforms can be tailored to individual customer requirements to give them exactly the solution they need.

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 Systems are easily integrated into virtually any network infrastructure, (including MPLS), due to the industry’s richest set of networking features and protocol sets.

Project Refereces

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