SCAN RF prides itself to offer customised and specialised brackets and other solutions to our customers, through long-standing and solid relationships with industry-leading partners in design and manufacturing disciplines.

From idea to concept is brainstormed with our clients, sometimes involving our partners, sometimes taking a completely different route than anticipated at first – mostly due to knowledgeable design and manufacturing inputs from these industry experts. CAD designs and renderings are rendered which is discussed with the client to acceptance, upon which a concept/sample unit of the rendered model is manufactured (either from low-cost material or 3D printed). On finalised/accepted design the manufacturing can be done in almost any material of choice.

Current/Common materials used are aluminium, mild steel, 3CR12 or 304 Stainless steel that can either be left natural or powder coated. For some applications, the steel is passivated, and e coated.

To the right we have a customised antenna bracket designed for our underground mining customers. The bracket can accommodate any of the Rajant radios suited for the harsh environments and capable of withstanding water ingress (ES1, ME4, LX5, Hawk and Peregrine). The unit is flexible in configuration for 2-way, 3-way and 4-way coverage requirements and has a swivel and tilt function to point antennas following the tunnel and roof layout.

To the left is a magnetic roof mount bracket at first design with ROPS mounting configurations in mind and later customised to include rare-earth magnets for rooftop mounting on temporary vehicle installations, some more permanent than others. Again, the magnetic roof mount bracket can accommodate any of the Rajant radios (with GPS) suited for the application and environment (ME4, LX5, Hawk and Peregrine). Up to 13x rear-earth magnets, each with a 42kg pull off force, can be populated – take care not to dent your new vehicle.

To the right we have our well-known Spider bracket which hosts the GPS, Rajant radio and some Omni-directional antennas, all in an easily mounted 1-piece assembly.

Additional dual and quad antenna brackets are available to complement the spider bracket installations and optimisation of antenna positioning on larger HMV fleet.

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