InfiLINK Evolution offers a unique combination of high performance, availability and ease of installation. Built-in network firewall blocks suspicious traffic and ensures secure connectivity. For optimal integration into existing networks InfiLINK Evolution supports numerous network protocols including dynamic routing OSPF and RIP, network address translation NAT and Q-in-Q Vlans. To provide high-quality services for customers there are tools for smart traffic prioritization and shaping.

A rich portfolio of integrated antenna models makes it convenient to deploy these systems at distances in excess of 30 kilometres, whereas a connectorized version is able to work at distances even more than 100 km. InfiLINK Evolution is ideal to provide dedicated high-capacity fixed wireless access to your most demanding customers.

Frequency Bands

  • 4.9 –  6.0 GHz
  • 4.9 – 6.4 GHz


  • WISP infrastructure backhaul
  • High-capacity "last mile" access infrastructure
  • Long-range rural connectivity
  • Backhauling for Wi‑Fi in public areas and parks
  • Government and municipal networks
  • Video surveillance, traffic management and public safety wireless infrastructure

Key Features and Highlights

  • A single system covering multiple bands in 5 GHz and 6 GHz
  • Thanks to a built-in firewall and rich security features, traffic security is under full control
  • Fully-fledged L2 switch supporting VLAN, Q-in-Q, Spanning Tree Protocols
  • Static and dynamic (RIP, OSPF) IP routing
  • Advanced Quality-of-Service and networking feature set
  • Reliable and robust design
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